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My name is Maya Atayeva. I am from Ashgabat Turkmenistan was suffering from Retroperitoneal Leiomyosarcoma. I was suggested to contact to IMS (Indian Medical Services) to get treatment as they are most trustworthy and reliable in the field of medical service provider. The medical journey was hassle free as I was given VIL (Visa Invitation Letter) to get medical visa to come to India. I was very satisfied as I did not waste a single day because they have always taken prior appointment for everything. I would also thank the doctor team who has given me chemotherapy and the result was better than my expectation. I will be always grateful to the IMS team for their tirelessly effort who made my treatment journey memorable. I would not hesitate to suggest IMS to any fellow patient from my country to contact them and get their best treatment journey with IMS team.

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Maya Atayeva


My name is Leily Durduyyeva. I am from Turkmenistan. I was suffering from heart disease. My condition was deteriorating day by day and I was told in Ashgabat that I may not live more than four months. A relative of mine who was already taking medical treatment in India through IMS suggested me to contact IMS to find best paediatric cardiac surgeon.

Prior to my landing in India IMS had taken an appointment. I was consulted with cardiothoracic and vasular surgeon having experience 25 plus years. Throughly investigation was done and plan of treatment was decided. I was advised to go for CABG (coronary artery Bypass graft surgery). Surgery was successful and now I am leading a healthy life. I would thank God that I found IMS on time . Duration of stay in India was 2 weeks and I was delighted with the service given by doctors’ and IMS Team.

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Leily Durduyyeva


My name is SAHRAGUL DURDUYYEVA. I am from Ashgabat Turkmenistan. My kidneys were no longer functioning well enough to meet the daily needs. Function of my kidneys dropped to 5%. I was advised for Kidney transplant. I was very bewildered and didn’t know what to do next.  One of my friend told me about INDIAN MEDICAL SERVICES, a pioneer in providing medical treatment services in India  at an affordable cost. I was helped to get Medical visa. After coming to Delhi my renal transplantation was done and surgery was successful. Now I am living a normal life as others. The best part of IMS is that I was helped at each step. From airport pickup to finding affordable hotel to transportation. I would be always thankful to IMS team especially Mr. Yusuf Ahmad for his helping nature. He is always calm and ready to helped us in any manner whatsoever

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My name is NAZAR PURLIEV. I am from Turkmenbashy which is a beautiful town situated in Turkmenistan. I was suffering from ulcerative colitis which is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. In 2015 I went to Türkiye to get treatment but my hope was failed as medication did not help even after spending decent amount of money.

In 2016 I come to India to get treatment through IMS as I was advised by my friend. From airport I directly went to hospital and got admitted. I was diagnosed under gastroenterologist and got the result. I recovered in a short span of time by the grace of Almighty. Its been four years I keep visiting India for the continuation of my treatment. I am very thankful to IMS team and their continuous support for their client. They even provide online consultation with doctors and courier medicines if needed. Best wishes for IMS team and their future endeavour.

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My name is  Ranokhon. I am from  Krygyz Republic. In Kyrgyzstan i was told that I am suffering from liver cirrhosis and need Liver transplant. I became very nervous, frightened and hopeless. Through rigorous searches and going through so many healthcare providers I came to know about Indian Medical services who provides healthcare service in India. After coordination with IMS team I was told not to worry and they assisted me in every aspect they could. After consultation with the doctor throughly evaluation was done and to my utter surprise I came to know that I have no liver cirrhosis and no need to go for liver transplant. I was just suffering from Hepatitis C to which I was given medicine. It’s been four months, now I am getting back to normal. Thanks to IMS team for their support and care not only physically but also emotionally

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Mrs. Ranokhon

I looked around for my plastic surgery in various countries. Somehow through internet I came to know about Indian Medical Services, which is a medical service provider situated in India. They suggested me a plastic surgeon according to my need and my financial condition. Result of reconstructive surgery was surprisingly well. I am quite satisfied with the surgeon team. Indian Medical Services was very helpful throughout the medical procedure.

I would certainly recommend Indian Medical Services to anyone looking for plastic surgery in India. Special Thanks to Mr. Yusuf Ahmad and Mr. Shahnawaz Akram for their support and care.

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